Welcome to the website of the Green Mountain Mashers Homebrew Club

The Green Mountain Mashers is a homebrew club based in northwestern Vermont. We hope that we are carrying on the Vermont traditions of simplicity, common sense, neighborliness, and pragmatism by creating and sharing our love and knowledge of brewing and beer.

Founded in 1990 with the encouragement of our mentor Greg Noonan, we have been carrying on this tradition for over 25 years and hope to continue the tradition for a long time.



A little about Greg:Greg-Noonan

From Steve Bradt of Free State Brewing Co.; “There are probably few brewers in the craft-brewing industry and even fewer homebrewers that haven’t read one of Greg Noonan’s books or articles on beer and brewing, through his writing and his work with other aspiring brewers, Greg has been a selfless contributor to the advancement of the craft and the industry for the past two decades.”

“More than two decades after it was published Greg’s book, Brewing Lager Beer remains an essential reference for any brewer. Quick to smile and almost as quick to laugh, he brought brewing to life in person.”

The masher’s feel that we are honoring Greg’s spirit by carrying on the tradition of craft brewing and inspiring others to create and appreciate great beer.